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  • Nails - Zoya Anchor Base Coat For Nails (.5oz)

Zoya Anchor Base Coat for Nails (.5oz)

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Product Details

The Zoya Anchor Base Coat for Nails is a super durable base coat for your nails that binds and holds polish in place for ultimate wear that lasts. The nail polish adheres to the nail by forming a bond between the nail plate and the polish, preventing peeling, lifting and chipping while the protein strengthens the nails. For beautiful long lasting nails, use Anchor Base coat before applying polish. Total Beauty Ranked Zoya Base Coat a 10!! You can't beat that!

Why we love it: 

We use zoya products at the spa because they are long lasting and durable. We love that our clients are always happy with their manicures and pedicures because they always last longer and chip less. The anchor base coat is a must before applying polish because it holds the polish on for 7 to 10 days. Without it your polish will only last about 3 to 5 days. 

How to Use:

Apply one coat to clean, prepped nails and allow to dry for a minute. Apply 2 coats of nail polish. Allow to dry then apply Zoya Armor Top Coat for beautiful long lasting nails.

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