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  • Skin Care - Environ Ionzyme Focus Frown Serum (1oz)
  • Skin Care - Environ Ionzyme Focus Frown Serum (1oz)

Environ Ionzyme Focus Frown Serum (1oz)

Product Details

Environ Ionzyme Focus Frown Serum works to soften muscle activity around the eyes and forehead, visibly reducing fine wrinkles and frown lines. Focus Frown Serum targets the same chemical complexes and wrinkle formation mechanisms as Botox in a safer, milder, non-invasive way. 1oz.


  • Argireline: reduces the depth of wrinkles caused by contraction of the muscles for facial expression, especially in the forehead and around the eye area. 
  • Leuphasyl: softens muscle activity and compliments the effects of Argireline to block the contraction of facial muscles.
  • Vialox: Works by making muscles less responsive to nerve impulses.

How to Use: IApply 1-2 drops of serum to the entire forehead area and sides of the eyes particularly where crows feet are visible. Wash hands immediately after use. Use morning and evening. Suitable for all ages but recommended for mature skin types. Sunburn Alert: This product does not contain a sunscreen. Use a broad spectrum sunscreen, wear protective clothing, and limit sun exposure while using this product.

Facts about Counterfeit Environ Products & Unauthorized sellers:

Several web sites and online outlets have been illegally selling counterfeit products labeled as "Environ". Please be aware that they are not authorized Environ® distributors. Environ® does not sell - and has never sold - any of its products to consumers online without a consultation or required log in. Bella Reina Spa, Inc and are Authorized Environ® Distributors and provide 100% authentic and genuine Environ® products.

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