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  • Foot Care - Footlogix® 3 Very Dry Skin Foot Care Mousse Formula (4.2oz)

Footlogix® 3 Very Dry Skin Foot Care Mousse Formula (4.2oz)

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Product Details

  • Footlogix® 3 Very Dry Skin Foot Care Mousse Formula is designed for extremely dry skin.
  • Similar to Footlogix #2 but with twice the active ingredients.
  • Recommended for diabetic foot syndrome, scaly skin, psoriasis, atopic dermatitis and pruritus, chapped and cracked hands, and those who use cleaning chemicals, detergents and disinfectants. 4.2oz
  1. It is important to shake well before use.
  2. To dispense, hold the can vertically downwards; place dispensing nozzle onto the open palm and press gently until required amount is obtained.
  3. Dispense a walnut size amount of foam mousse into palm of hands and massage evenly onto feet paying special attention to heels and pads of feet.
  4. Can be used morning and/or night or as often as desired. Should be used a minimum of once daily.
  5. For more economical use, store the can upside down after use.
  6. Product will be absorbed immediately so you can go about your regular routine right away!
  • Dermatologically and clinically tested.
  • Contains no perfumes or preservatives.
  • An excellent preparation agent, making it easier to remove corns and nail folds.
  • Contains 10% Urea - locks in moisture and increase the skins suppleness.Texture: Cream Foam

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