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  • Foot Care - Footlogix® 7 PEELING SKIN FORMULA Mousse (4.2oz)

Footlogix® 7 PEELING SKIN FORMULA Mousse (4.2oz)

$ 28.00

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Product Details

Want to stop the embarrassing peeling of the skin on tour feet? Try Footlogix® 7 PEELING SKIN FORMULA Mousse. It contains an effective anti-fungal agent, that provides relief of peeling skin on the soles and between the toes caused by Athlete’s Foot or fungal infections. 

How to Use: It is important to shake well before use.To dispense, hold the can vertically downwards; place dispensing nozzle onto the open palm and press gently until required amount is obtained. Dispense a walnut size amount of foam mousse into palm of hands and massage evenly onto feet paying special attention to heels and toes. Can be used morning and/or night or as often as desired. Should be used at least once a day.

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