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Bling Sting Pepper Spray - GOLD

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Self Defense just got a bit more feminine with a sparkly make-over, Bling Sting Pepper Spray in Gold. The Bling Sting pepper spray is sure to astound you with their sparkly rhinestone covers and potency. Bling Sting provides the best of both worlds: high grade eliminator pepper spray in a stylish rhinestone case with a key chain clip. The standard .5 ounces OC pepper spray (10 percent concentration - 2MM SHU). 


  • REPLACEABLE 1/2 oz pepper spray insert included
  • 10% formula 2 million Scoville heat units
  • dye marks attacker for positive ID
  • has an effective range of 10-12 ft

How to Use Bling Sting Pepper Spray:

We hope you never have to use Bling Sting but at least you have it in case you do. To fire, move the actuator from the safety position into the firing position with your thumb. Aim the heart at the attacker’s face and press the actuator cap with index finger.  For best results, fire the canister horizontally over the subject’s eyes, spraying from ear to ear. Release finger pressure to stop firing. The effects of the spray are instantaneous. Pepper spray causes swelling of the eye capillaries and all other mucous membranes resulting in immediate blindness, coughing, choking and nausea with extreme discomfort. Symptoms will dissipate within 30 to 40 minutes with no after effects.

Key Ingredients:

Oleoresin Capsicum (Red Pepper). OC Pepper spray will not cause permanent damage or after effects if used properly.  No medical attention should be necessary.  Exposure to fresh air and water will reduce effects.  Remove contaminated clothing immediately. Wash exposed skin area thoroughly with soap and cold water for 15 minutes, repeat as necessary.   

CAUTION:  Severe Skin and Eye Irritants. Contents under pressure. Do not puncture or incinerate. Do not expose to flame, or heat above 120 degrees.  Not allowed on commercial aircraft. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.

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