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  • Makeup - Bella Reina Brow Tint Mascara With Biotin - NEUTRAL

Bella Reina Brow Tint Mascara with Biotin - NEUTRAL

$ 19.99


Product Details

  • A multitasking 2 in 1 brow tint mascara with biotin
  • Grooms and adds color in one application
  • Must-have tool that allows for precise application that lasts all day
  1. Start with your bottom lashes when putting on your mascara.
  2. Brush onto brows with light, upward motions for a natural finish.
  3. Remove any excess product by running the brush along the inside of the tube when removing the wand.
  4. Remember that brows are "sisters" not look-alike "twins". One brow will be stronger and perfectly arched, while the other may not be the perfect shape you desire.
  5. To even out the brows, make the weaker brow thicker and fuller to try to match the brows for symmetry.
  • Condition, tame and tint brows all at once
  • For thin brows, the brow tint mascara gives the appearance of thicker, fuller brows.
  • For thicker brows, the brow tint mascara defines the brow and tames the wild hairs.
  • When the brows have color, they frame your eyes making your eyes appear larger.
  • Curling your eyelashes can help make your eyes look bigger.
  • Take your makeup off before you go to sleep so your pores don't get clogged.
  • Biotin
  • Panthenol (Vitamin B5)
  • Mica
  • Titanium Dioxide

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