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Essential Oil Blends, Aromatherapy Oil Blends, and Blending Oils To Deliver a Benefit

Essential oil blends are unique by nature, and when properly mixed, deliver a benefit. Although some aromatherapists will blend on the aroma only to make it aromatic, our essential blended oils deliver a benefit. The aromatherapy oil blends use hand crafted, wild crafted, pure and when available organic essential oils. Our master aromatherapist (certified and registered) has developed the blends from years of experience in blending oils and has in the industry what is called "the nose". The art and science of blending aromatherapy comes down to the benefit derived from the essential oil blend.  In other words, the essential oil blend has to do what it says it will. 

Therapeutic Essential Oils

Additionally, there is a huge difference in fragrant oils and therapeutic essential oils. Therapeutic essential oils have a higher quality and come from essential oil distillers that have a keen sense of when the crop is ready to harvest, distill, and blend. The master aromatherapist has the knowledge and the "nose" to know whether the crop is therapeutic or fragrant. Once your nose is "clean" from the "fake, chemical fragrance" copycats, you will never go back.  The quality of therapeutic essential oils is critical to the end benefit.

Aromatherapy Oils & Essential Oil Blends

Aromatherapy oils deliver single notes like tea tree oil, lavender oil and peppermint. While these are most commonly available shopping both on the Internet, finding essential oil blends that deliver a benefit is not quite as easy.  Shopping for essential oil blends can be a little scary.  If you are shopping by price, then the therapeutic essential oil blends may not provide the results you are looking for. The true therapeutic essential oil blends will cost a little more, but the impact and the vital role it can play in your life will be so positive. Boost your emotional well-being, enhance your immune system or simple find relief from pain, allergies or cramps. Some essential oil blends are delivered by drops and others by roll-ons.  Where necessary for delivering immediate effect and long-lasting benefit, room sprays or body sprays become an easy way of using aromatherapy on a daily basis.

Essential Oil Blends By Category or Condition