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Environ Skin Care - Authorized Stockist

Bella Reina Spa, Inc. is proudly an authorized Environ Skin Care - product stockist. In order to purchase Environ products online you must create an account and be logged in to see pricing. 


Facts about Counterfeit Environ Products & Unauthorized sellers:

Several web sites and online outlets have been illegally selling counterfeit products labeled as "Environ". Please be aware that they are not authorized Environ® distributors. Environ® does not sell - and has never sold - any of its products to consumers online without a consultation.

All genuine Environ® products are exclusively available through worldwide distributors, MDs, and Environ®-trained Professionals; and are imported into the U.S. labeled with an unbroken Warning Seal. They do so to protect you, their valued customer, and to ensure that you receive only the highest-quality skincare products.

Below are unauthorized parties and companies that are selling what they claim are Environ® Skin Care products. Please be aware that these sellers have not been approved or certified by Environ. Environ does not sell to these parties and cannot assure the authenticity or condition of any Environ® products that they claim to sell. Please also be aware that the claims and discounts they make and offer are not valid nor real and that any use by these sellers of Environ's logo, trademarks and copyrighted material is unauthorized.

  • First for SkinCare
  • Concept Skin Care
  • SA Supplies / Zulluz
  • Touch of Skin Care
  • Protea For Skincare
  • SA Supplies

All eBay sellers including:

  • jhvr_sales
  • replenish
  • mcshops1974

When you buy Environ® products originating from an authorized distributor, your products are guaranteed to be:

The Freshest Products Available: Our products come directly from the manufacturer, meaning that they will never be expired, sold past the sell-by date, contaminated, or refilled with a counterfeit product.

Full of the Most Active Ingredients: Our products are imported by air only to avoid the high temperatures that may be associated with sea freight, and are warehoused under strict temperature-controlled conditions to ensure their efficacy.

Custom Selected for Your Unique Skin Type: Environ® products contain powerful ingredients. Only authorized Environ distributors, MDs, and Environ®-trained Professionals have received the necessary training and education to select the best combination of products for your skin type to ensure that you avoid adverse reactions.

In Compliance with US Customs and Federal Drug Administration (FDA) Regulations: Our products require registration and clearance with the FDA and US Customs authorities. Only authorized Environ® distributors, MDs, and Environ®-trained Professionals can sell Environ products in compliance with these regulations.

Returnable if You Are Not Completely Satisfied: Environ® will accept returns on any genuine products if you are not fully satisfied, as long as they have not passed their expiration dates.

Protect yourself and the health of your skin by ensuring that you only purchase Environ® products that have the unbroken U.S. Warning Seal from authorized distributors, MDs, and Environ®-trained Professionals. You may have unwittingly purchased illegal and counterfeit "Environ" products that can damage you skin or, at best, do nothing.