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Buying Guide: How to Shop for Candles

Shopping for candles should not be rocket science, but there are things you should know about buying candles, whether they are paraffin candles, soy candlesscented soy candles or beeswax candles..  When you are purchasing candles, try to make it about your health and not about the price, as some candles emit toxic chemicals and artificial fragrances. Watch out for marketing, read the labels and look for hidden meanings (like all-natural).


Ever wonder what candle wicks are made of? Cotton wicks are by far the best choice when , because the wick burns evenly. You may still need to trim it a little, but the cotton wick will not smoke like the cheap wire wicks. A trick for wicks for cheap candles is to have the wire wick inside the cotton braid.


The wax type makes a huge difference in whether it is paraffin, soy or beeswax. Soy candles have much softer wax and they burn cleaner.  Paraffin candles are known to give off toluene and benzene chemicals. Some soy candle manufacturers will mix soy with paraffin, as paraffin cost less.  The candles burn a little cleaner than just plain paraffin. There are also gel candles available and they are adorable, but they are not always clean burns.  The kind of wax you choose determines the burn time, the amount of chemicals emitted, and whether the wax will drip.


Beeswax burns slower than paraffin and soy candles. Soy wax candles burn more evenly than paraffin. The choice of wax will determine the burn time of each candle. The cheaper the candle, the less burn time; so you want to value your candle burn time into your purchasing decision. 

FRAGRANCEBuying Guide for Candles

The best scented candles are with natural essential oils. Some soy candles don't have enough fragrance while others have artificial fragrances or synthetic fragrances. Candles scented with essential oils are the healthiest.  In addition, candles scented with essential oils provide a therapeutic effect while giving a room or house ambiance.