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Buying Guide: How to Shop for Aromatherapy

One of the benefits of Aromatherapy is that you can enjoy purchasing Essential Oils and Essential Oil Blends already made, or you can explore making your own tailored to your needs. 

The word "Aromatherapy" traditionally leads to the vision of a lush scented hot bath, receiving a relaxing massage or home scents like candles. Indeed, those are all wonderful ways in which aromatherapy products are used, however there are far more applications for aromatherapy specific products you can use in everyday life.

What is an Aromatherapy Product?

An aromatherapy product is one that meets the following criteria:

  • Contains essential oils 
  • Contains no synthetic ingredients
  • Formulated to contain a safe level of each included ingredient
  • Formulated with essential oil blends for certain therapeutic benefits

Products that include synthetic ingredients do not offer the full therapeutic benefit as natural products

To obtain the optimal therapeutic benefit of the products you use, it is important to pay attention to the ingredients and product labeling. The use of the word "Aromatherapy" is not regulated in the United States and many companies are taking advantage by using the word in a manner that is inconsistent with the true meaning.

Read the Ingredients

Read labels and familiarize yourself with the names of healthy natural ingredients and also be aware of the synthetic and toxic ingredients you need to avoid. The Toxic Beauty ingredients found in skin care products from the Huffington Post will help you familiarize yourself with some of those terms.

Look for products Promoted as 100% Natural or All Natural

Products that are all natural will be promoted as such. Still check the ingredient list, but keeping your eye out for these phrases can help you spot the real natural products.

Learn about the Company that you are purchasing from

Spend some time researching the website of the company you are interested in purchasing your products from. Most reputable aromatherapy suppliers will provide ingredient details freely as well as the background and formulation of their products.

For more detailed information on what to look for when purchasing essential oils, visit our article on: What's the Difference between Aromatherapy Oils and Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils and 3 Factors of Essential Oil Blends that Really Make them Work.