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Buying Guide: How to Buy a Scented Soy Candle

Buying Guide: How to Buy a Scented Soy Candle

When you bring a candle into your home, you always hope that it will give your home ambiance.  Buying a soy candle, especially a scented soy candle can be a fairly easy task, but let's make it a little easier for you. 

Here are some reasons to buy a scented soy candle over a paraffin candle:

  1. A soy candle burns clean so the air in your home will be cleaner.
  2. Soy candles do not product soot like paraffin candles that stain your walls.
  3. Scented soy candles, especially scented with essential oils, will help make your home aromatic.
  4. Scented soy candles with aromatherapy can change the mood of your house. Happy, romantic, stress-free are all great reasons to stock your home with soy candles.


How to Buy a Scented Soy Candle

1. Choose the size of candle. Scented soy candles come in all sizes, so choose the size of the candle based on the size of your room or space.

2. Choose the container. There are decorative glass and tin containers to choose from.

3. Choose your favorite fragrance. Choose the fragrance(s) that will not only please you, but also your pets, family and guests. Some people love lavender while others like woodsy fragrances.The fragrance will envelop your home, so mixing fragrances means they have to mesh with each other.

4. Check the ingredients. Select scented soy candles that are made of 100% pure vegetable soybean oil and phthalate-free.  Some manufacturer's will say that the candle is soy, but it is actually a mixture.

5. Check the Wick. Select a soy candle that has a cotton wick so that it does not burn black.

Scented soy candles make fabulous gifts for friends, moms, and corporate gifts.  Shop for scented soy candles right here at MiBellaReina.com.