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When it comes to beauty, is your premiere source for the best beauty & skin care products online. With so much misleading and erroneous information available on the internet, we set out to create a safe haven for beauty, with professional advice and recommendations you can trust.

We believe that you should be taking advice for your skin from actual skincare experts instead of over-the-counter drug store pamphlets and outdated magazine articles. Our team of estheticians can help you choose the best products for your skin. Customizing your beauty and skincare regimen to your specific needs is super important for achieving the results you want. So go ahead and dive into our expert blogs and product reviews. is your source for all things beauty!

Skin Care

When it comes to finding the best skin care products, your search is over.  Our team of estheticians  with years of experience can help you choose the very best products for your skin.  From anti-aging skin care, organic skin care and facial skin care, even products from men;  here at, you will find products with the most advanced skin care ingredients like Vitamins C, E & A, algae peptides, pigmentation reducers, alpha-lipoic acid, neuropeptides, and copper.  Shop for great skin care from Environ Skin Care, Image Skin Care, Nancy Reagan Skin Care and more.

Foot Care

From years of working on clients feet and legs, we know that many feet problems are a sign of more serious medical issues.  We have a saying that you can "tell a heel from a heel".  Take time to look at your feet, make sure there are not any cuts or blisters.  One of the fastest ways to get infections is from a cracked heel.  From foot care products for calluses, to pedicure products, to fungal care for toenails, to foot care tips, here at, you can find foot care products that get results. Two of our favorite brands that we love from the spa include Footlogix Pediceuticals and Gehwol Fusskraft.

Natural Nail Products and Nail Treatments

Shop for nail care products at  Find the spa collection of only the best in nail care products and nail treatment products.  With products like cuticle gel, ridge filler and nail growth treatments, Bella Reina is constantly on the edge of technology and making sure your nails stay in tip-top condition.  Shop for Zoya nail natural nail polish and nail care treatments, like Rejuvacote. Zoya nail polish, nail care and nail polish removers are free of toluene, formaldehyde, DBP and camphor.  One of our favorite collections is the Zoya Natural Six Collection.

Aromatherapy Essential Oils and Essential Oil Blends

Essential oil therapy uses the oils taken from plants (including flowers, bark or stems) to help with the symptoms of many physical and mental conditions. offers online shopping for essential oils, therapeutic oils, aromatherapy oil blends, body sprays and roll-ons that are wildcrafted, blended with pure and when available organic essential oils.  Our source and master aromatherapist for our essential oil blends creates and delivers blends that are synergistic and provide unique benefits.    The blending of essential oils is a unique mix of art and science, with the "proof in the pudding" of providing the right therapeutic results. We know from our experience at the spa that our essential oil blends provide results. By design, the pre-blended essential oils work for headaches, depression, pain relief, allergy relief, weight loss, cramp relief and stress relief.

Fragrances, Perfumes & Colognes

Sweet perfumes, sexy perfumes, or romantic fragrances - here at we’ve chosen the top colognes for men and the best perfumes in the world for women. Shop our selection of women's perfumes and men's colognes, designer fragrances and perfumes at discount fragrance prices. Find all of your perfume favorites are here - choose from FlowerBomb, Alien, Katy Perry, J’Adore, or 212 Men’s by Caroline Herrara and more.

Bath & Body Care

Bath and body care includes indulging (just a little) and relaxing (a lot) with luxurious skin care products for the bath (who has time) & shower (a must). Choose from skin lotions, skin creams, and bath products like bath soaps, bath lotions from all the best brands like Get Fresh, Bio-Freeze and more.

Treatment Cosmetics & Treatment Makeup

We have so many treatment cosmetic products to choose from. Choose from eyebrow products direct from our Lash & Eyebrow Bar, natural cosmetics, mineral cosmetics, treatment concealer and other skin care products to transform your look.

Gifts & Candles 

Beauty gifts are the best way to brighten up anyone's day. Shop for candles, neck warmers, eye pillows, bath, shower & spa gift sets. Popular brands include Poo-Pourri Original and Bling Sting.

Videos from Bella Reina

Videos help understand products, how to use them, the ingredients and why they work.  At Bella Reina, we've included some whiteboard videos to get you started on educating, learning and understanding beauty, health and fitness products.