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Foot and Nail Care Products

Bella Reina is proud to present you with Foot and Nail Care Products that we not only use ourselves but LOVE! Wouldn't it be nice to have smooth, soft, and healthy feet all the time? We look forward to making the dream a reality by bringing you the world's finest collection of foot and nail care products. Brands like Footlogix and Gehwol are among the best in their industry and made with pharmaceutical-grade ingredients. Our collection of products is designed to penetrate quickly and deeper than other products. You will see results after a few applications and with continued use they will be long lasting.

Which products should you choose?

When you select foot and nail care products, there are many things you should consider. First, what are the active/main ingredients? If you are looking to heal cracked heels, you should be making a selection with Urea as an active ingredient since it is renowned for its moisturizing properties. Whereas Clotrimazole is more beneficial for use in relieving cracking, scaling, redness, and irritation. Second it is important that the products you purchase aren't greasy or oily. You want your feet moisturized, and to feel soft. Many inferior products leave a residue, and you have to scrub your hands just to get the product off. Our Footlogix products are light, airy mousses that naturally moisturize and don't leave you with a huge clean-up project.

Here at Bella Reina we want you bring out your inner "beautiful queen". Our carefully selected nail and foot care products are estheticians tested by our team, and we use them in our everyday lives. We hope that you choose to try some of these impressive products and see the same unbelievable results that we have.