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Bella Reina Cosmetics

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Bella Reina 24/7 Vegan Makeup Setting Spray (4oz)

Bella Reina 24/7 Vegan Makeup Setting Spray (4oz)

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Bella Reina Cosmetics founded in 2009 is a boutique brand for the finest in vegan and other high-quality makeup. Bella Reina took their brand worldwide in 2013 and took the cosmetic world by storm with their unique and natural makeup. We offer some of the best facial, fragrance, and other top beauty brands. Here at Mi Bella Reina we focus on bringing you what you need to make yourself a "beautiful queen" which is where we get the name, Bella Reina.

Why Bella Reina Cosmetics?

Bella Reina CosmeticsĀ are safer beauty products that you can use in your daily beauty routine as well as when you are getting ready for a night out on the town. When you use our products, you will begin to see the benefits of using our Vegan Makeup. Vegan makeup has many benefits including reducing acne and breakouts due to the fact that they are free of unnatural synthetic ingredients. Bella Reina Cosmetics will also surprise you with their excellent coverage and results you would not expect because they are free of ingredients made from harsh and dangerous chemicals. You will also begin to notice the money that you save by using makeup that lasts twice as long.

Our team at Bella Reina Cosmetics has many years of combined experience to give you the beauty you deserve. Our group of talented estheticians don't only work on our special cosmetics but at our highly rated spa in Delray Beach. Over the last few years, we have also spent time cultivating products from other retailers we love and use in our everyday lives. We hope to bring you products that you will not only love but will recommend to your friends. When you use our products, you aren't only helping yourself you are helping the planet. We hope you enjoy our products and hope you can use them to become your own Bella Reina.