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  • Aromatherapy - Weight Loss Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil Blend By Bella Reina (.35oz)

Weight Loss Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil Blend by Bella Reina (.35oz)

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The Weight Loss Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil Blend by Bella Reina will help control your appetite and hunger. It is not the stomach that lets you know that you are full but your hypothalamus. Breathing this specially formulated aromatherapy essential oil blend induces the hypothalamus to send a message to the stomach that you are no longer hungry and triggers positive reactions in the brain. Once we feel a sense of well being, we no longer feel the urge – mentally, emotionally or physically, to fill that void with food. All of our Essential Oils are high quality, organic, therapeutic grade essential oils. 

How to Use: When you are craving something, feeling hungry or before eating a meal, open the Bella Reina weight loss essential oil blend bottle and take three sniffs in each nostril. Breathe very deeply as the more you use it, the more effective it will be. 


  • Fennel Essential Oil - Digestive, helps to reduce appetite. The essential oil of willpower, Fennel helps to follow through a lifestyle change or resolution.
  • Grapefruit Essential Oil - Digestive, stimulates lymphatic system and gallbladder. Helps to dispel anger and frustration, therefore being very useful to (combat) emotional eating.
  • Spearmint Essential Oil - Its clean and uplifting aroma will sharpen the senses 

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