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Colloidal Silver Gel | Why is the FDA Looking at it?

Posted on May 13 2014

As early as 1999, the United States Food and Drug Administration had already launched a binding agency ruling which involves all drugs available over-the-counter containing colloidal silver.  But what is colloidal silver? It is simply a liquid where silver substances are suspended in. While current medical use of silver is restricted to its antibiotic properties, colloidal silver, in itself, is thought to be good for everybody. Silver’s chemical properties appears to solve a variety of illnesses, thus providing a sort of natural healing with silver, whether it may be bacterial or viral infections, even fungal ones.

Some claims, however, regarding the product, sounded too farfetched for the FDA’s standards. Indeed, one case of advertisement of the drug in the late 1990s told that colloidal silver has been discovered to treat a whopping 650 different diseases. Such outlandish claims, indeed, caught the attention of the FDA. 

Sure, the peak of this hullabaloo is thought to be some time in the mid to late nineties, but a recently-released product, ASAP365 Silver Gel from the American Biotech Labs (ABL), appears to be vying to change their image, and the product, as a whole. Using the latest technology available at their labs’ disposal, ABL appears to have repackaged the colloidal silver pill into a more soft-like gel, and instead of unrefined silver, its placed with a “nano-silver” solution created through their patented SilverSol technology, making the active substance more stable and therefore more bioavailable.

Colloidal silver, any way you look at it, is told to contain more risk that health benefits. Indeed, many accounts of people suffering from debilitating as well as aesthetic side effects are well documented – and the most popular of these is the development of argyria. This occurs when a person is exposed to inappropriately high levels of silver. What happens is that the skin literally turns grey or bluish-grey.
So much ruckus has already been made that colloidal silver already has a bad name and reputation.

Even the official drug guidebooks no longer list these substances. Whether or not this will change in the future, however, remains to be seen.  The product ASAP365 Silver Gel from ABL appears to be closing the gap with a patented process of creating the gel.

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