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Zoya Creates Spectacular Magical Pixie Dust with this Spring Collection | Magical Pixie 2014

Posted on April 17 2014

Zoya Creates Spectacular Magical Pixie Dust with this Spring Collection | Magical Pixie 2014




When Zoya nail polish first arrived on the scene, we used it at N.Reagan Spa and then at Bella Reina Spa.  It was the only nail polish that wouldn't harm our clients nails.  For years, the company maintained a conservative viewpoint on the polishes naming them after women's names....some famous names like Gilda (Gilda Radner) or Diana (Princess Diana), but in Spring 2014, Zoya stepped out of polish comfort zone.  This Spring, Zoya hits a home run with the new Magical Pixie Collection.





Zoya's Pixie Dust Trio Collection for 2014

What makes this polish unique is that it has a holographic effect just like pixie dust (think Disney, Peter Pan, Pixie Dust).   The glitter builds in layers, but is not clumpy or lumpy.  As it is applied in very thin layers (2-3), it builds this textured effect. A base coat is not needed, but it's very important that it is applied in thin coats. The thinner the coats, the better, as the holograph effect is more intense with the thinner coats.

Some clients didn't like the textured effect at first, but it's fun and playful....just like Peter Pan.  When combined with other polishes, the possibilities are endless. The colors for Magical Pixie end up being matte, but you can apply top coat if you would like a glossy effect. 

The Zoya Magical Pixie Collection Sampler contains one full-sized (0.5oz) bottle of each of the following:

1 - Zoya Pixie Dust in Vega
1 - Zoya Pixie Dust in Cosmo
1 - Zoya Pixie Dust in Lux


We think our favorite is possibly Cosmo, but it's all a holograph.  And to be true to fashion, paint your ring finger a different pixie color. Peter Pan would have liked that because it's a sign of never growing up.  With Magical Pixie Dust, we don't have too! 

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