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The Types and Benefits of Collagen Masks

Posted on May 08 2016

Being in the skin care industry for over 20 years, we have seen our share of collagen masks. There are several types and each has it's own benefits. Some masks actually work better than others. Collagen is the building block of the skin. The little that researchers know is that collagen is built by the fibroblast cells and as we age, the tissue strength and elasticity starts to decline because of the loss of collagen.

The future of the skin care and anti-aging products is exciting, as there is much research on telomeres, DNA, and the texture of the skin. As the total body protein is made up of 25%-35% connective tissue that is collagen, it is very important to the body to nourish from within. From an internal view, Vitamins A, C, & E are extremely important for making the skin structure firm. From the outside, using a collagen mask loaded with collagen, antioxidants, and the building blocks for the skin helps to slow down those aging signs.

Types of Collagen Masks

Paper Collagen Mask

There are paper collagen masks which are infused with ingredients. The technology uses a freeze-dried method to infuse the ingredients into the skin. The mask is activated by water. Some paper masks are prepackaged in a pouch. The ingredients do not have to be activated, and are infused when you apply the mask. The paper is not quite as effective as the gel mask because it is not very thick. Even though it's not quite effective, the paper masks can provide hydrating benefits.

Cream Collagen Mask

Another popular type of collagen mask has the collagen infused in a cream. While this facial mask also works, the effects of putting any active ingredient into a cream base, dilutes the effect of the ingredient. When using ingredients like glycolic, collagen, or Vitamin A, a serum is much more effective than putting the ingredient into a cream. This is true for moisturizers, masks, and serums. If you want products that get results, go for products that have the least amount of ingredients.

Gel (Clear or Gold) Collagen Mask

The gel collagen mask comes in clear or the 24K gold collagen mask. Both work equally, but the gold mask has the attributes of real gold powder and the inherent healing properties of gold. The gel collagen mask is far superior to the paper and the cream for several reasons. First, the gel mask provides a mask that is more of a barrier than paper. While the gel mask has ingredients that are not diluted in a cream. When the skin is blocked by a barrier, it absorbs more. The barrier of the gel mask will provide better absorption of the collagen, vitamins and glycosaminoglycans. The latter is an ingredient used to increase the hydration, elasticity and pliability of the skin.

Benefits of Collagen Masks

Some of the benefits of collagen masks include the following:

  1. Speeds up Cellular Activity: Stimulation of the underlying skin cells by masking, which in turn, speeds up the skin cellular turnover.  This increase causes the collagen to awaken like getting a rise & shine call. Masking your skin two to three times a week will rejuvenate your skin.
  2. Hydrates and Moisturizes the Skin: Using the mask increases the absorption of the ingredients including the collagen and vitamins. The mask, when used professionally at the spa, is the ultimate in rejuvenation and plumping of the skin.
  3. Fights the Visible Signs of Aging: Helps to reduce the signs of aging as the skin's texture starts to feel softer, smoother and not as rough. The combination of the ingredients (Collagen, Gold/Pearl powder, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Glycosaminoglycans) in the 24K Gold Collagen Mask are designed to give the skin collagen, antioxidants and nutrients. This combination has the ability to give your skin that dewy gorgeous glow that we all love.
  4. Convenience & Ease of Use: Most masks are really messy with either hydrating clay masks, gel masks, cream masks or any combination. The ease of opening up a package, massaging in the "liquid gold" and then applying a gold mask can make masking at home as relaxing as a spa treatment.

Collagen breakdown in the skin can cause wrinkles, fine lines, lax and rough skin. By using collagen masks, your skin can appear brighter, hydrated, and deeply moisturized. The #bellabeautysteal of the century is the multi-pack face and neck collagen masks from


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