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Mi Bella Reina meaning "my beautiful queen" in Spanish is the online beauty & health store of Bella Reina Spa. Bella Reina, founded in 2009 by Nancy Reagan, is a unique, chic boutique spa that features major brands of beauty products.  In 2013, the spa team decided to take their spa philosophy to the world, with the belief that all products should have outstanding results.

If you've been looking for a good online beauty & health store, stop here and browse.  You will find that we offer a wide range of products and even better, we'll tell you how and why to use them.  Our beauty products include some of the best facial products, fragrance products, therapeutic essential oil blends, and top beauty brands, in addition to Nancy Reagan's own treatment skin care and makeup lines.

Our exercise and fitness items will keep you in tip top shape right from the convenience of your home! Our knowledge of beauty & health is honed by years of hands on experience with skin physiology, makeup application and looking at beauty from the "inside to the outside".   From skin care and spa products to face and makeup products, we'll tell you how to use every product you purchase so that you will get the best results.