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Mi Bella Reina meaning "my beautiful queen" in Spanish is the online vegan beauty & health store of Bella Reina Spa that now offers vegan makeup. Bella Reina, founded in 2009 by Nancy Reagan, is a unique, chic boutique spa that features major brands of beauty products. In 2013, the spa team decided to take their spa philosophy to the world, with the belief that all vegan beauty products should have outstanding results.

If you've been looking for a good online beauty & health store, stop here and browse. You will find that we offer a wide range of products and even better, we'll tell you how and why to use them. Our beauty products include some of the best facial products, fragrance products, therapeutic essential oil blends, organic peppermint oil and top beauty brands, in addition to Bella Reina's own treatment skin care, aromatherapy,  and makeup lines.

The Benefits of Vegan Makeup

Many women are searching for safer beauty product options to use in their daily routine and discovering the benefits of vegan makeup that is gluten-free. The use of more natural cosmetic collections is becoming more and more popular as women look to make wiser choices in their health. Vegan cosmetics provide great coverage and natural-looking results without the harsh ingredients found in traditional makeup brands. By offering quality vegan makeup, we can help make those choices easier for every woman's beauty and health.

Our knowledge of beauty & health is honed by years of hands-on experience with skin physiology, makeup application and looking at beauty from the "inside to the outside". Our approach to vegan beauty and makeup is nourished from our strong belief in providing the very best options to improve the overall health of every Bella beauty. From skin care and spa products to face and vegan makeup products, we'll tell you how to use every product you purchase so that you will get the best results.

The Best Vegan Makeup Online

We’re committed to providing the best vegan makeup to enhance the beauty and wellness of our Bella beauties. Our philosophy of producing vegan beauty products that deliver outstanding results holds true in each item found in our vegan makeup collection. We know the struggle women face each day in finding safe, reliable makeup to create the look you desire. Only the best vegan makeup ingredients can be found on our labels, and that’s our commitment to you. Finding the perfect blend of health, wellness and beauty lies at the heart of our makeup. Our team of beauty experts are passionate about creating makeup that makes your skin feel loved.